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Help Desk! (This is a directed ticketing system)

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  • Our help desk system allows you to track the status of submitted requests, post follow-up notes and correspond with help desk operators in a bulletin board fashion. In order to use all these benefits you need to login using your user id and password before submitting service requests. Registration is quick and free
  • The Help Desk is better than simply using the Contact Us page as it is designed to be handled specifically by Customer Service and is filtered seperately and accounted for.
  • The problem tracking system ensures also that no ticket ever goes unanswered: if an inquiry was not taken by an operator for a predefined period of time, the ticket escalation rules will promote such request to the attention of upper service tier members.

Chat Board (Operated By Our Sister Site ""

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  • These chat boards are designed for our customers. While there are many other forums and boards on the internet this board was created to allow all our customers to also belong to one community and exchange experiences and anything else on their (your) mind.
  •  Anyone can join and use this forum

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